PortOne accepted into the Navy's Information Warfare Research Project Consortium

PortOne Technology Group LLC is proud to have been accepted as a member of the Information Warfare Research Project Consortium, a $100M Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Centers (SPAWAR Atlantic and Pacific).

The IWRP consortium is managed by Advanced Technology International, a nonprofit organization that recruits, organizes and manages consortia of industry and academic partners with the objective of overcoming traditional barriers to collaborative innovation. ATI seeks to build and manage an industry consortium of traditional and nontraditional contractors, small and large businesses, and academic institutions. The IWRP Consortium engages industry and academia in the research and prototyping of critical technologies that advance Navy and Marine Corps information warfare capabilities. As a nontraditional small business member of the IWRP consortium, PortOne Technology Group, LLC is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the U.S. Navy to research and develop innovative information warfare prototypes and we look forward to helping enhance the government’s access to these groundbreaking technologies.

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