VA all in on Microservices and API

I have been in the software development gig for most of my adult life, although in more of a management capacity in the last few years. Either way, I’ve been around long enough to see some development methodologies fall out of favor only to return as the next great thing years later. I built and deployed many n-tier applications over the years, so when the microservices buzzword began to get thrown around ubiquitously, I treated it with some degree of trepidation. However, after having a chance to really dig into the paradigm, I now believe it’s critical to adopt a four‑tier application architecture where applications are developed and deployed as sets of microservices. It’s becoming increasingly clear that if you keep using development processes and application architectures that worked just fine ten years ago, you simply can’t move fast enough to capture and hold the interest of mobile users who can choose from an ever‑growing number of apps. Switching to a microservices architecture promises an unprecedented level of control and speed in delivering innovative new web experiences. Netflix made the switch, and now the VA is eyeing the architecture to connect hundreds of legacy applications…

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