PortOne Technology Group offers a wide range of professional services focused on developing data-driven architectures designed to aggregate all of your organizations data into a single unified platform. We can help you derive value out of all of your organizations data, including text, binary, and machine data, and then provide the mechanisms to efficiently analyze it.

Business Integration and IT Rationalization

PortOne Technology Group provides technical services designed to help organizations integrate new capabilities and rationalize legacy systems with a comprehensive process oriented approach that minimizes operational disruption. We can help with consolidation of resources, processes and systems, assessment of current system environments and recommendations for integration and rationalization, as well as structuring governance to clearly define responsibilities and decision-making authorities.

Enterprise Information Architecture

PortOne Technology Group’s infrastructure experts can help you design an IT plan that gives you the flexibility to meet emerging technology challenges while still making the best use of legacy investments.

Project and IT Leadership

PortOne Technology Group’s management services can provide expert leaders to oversee complex IT planning or infrastructure projects to help ensure plans stay on schedule and under budget. We can also provide interim leaders to help ensure that IT departments remain effective during gaps in IT leadership. Our seasoned staff can also provide insight, tools, templates and knowledge transfer to help your internal staff grow and achieve.

Data Security & Loss Prevention

PortOne Technology Group’s data security professionals can help ensure the integrity, security and availability of your valuable data. We can help you continuously monitor and detect anomalous activities in your datasets. We employ sophisticated tools and processes  to ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users and to enforce remediation with alerts, encryption, and other protective actions to prevent the accidental or malicious sharing of data that could put your organization at risk.

Strategic Planning, Governance and Compliance

PortOne Technology Group can help health systems anticipate future conditions and create flexible, dynamic strategic and tactical plans with inherent governance that seeks to make the best use of human, financial and intellectual assets.

Advanced Analytics

Making an investment in big data and advanced analytics pays off in sound business decisions and customer insight. Big Data Services help you foster collaboration between IT and business to develop and deploy analytics and business intelligence solutions that unlock insights and empower your organization.